Version control system for group software projects

VCS is a version control system that offers most of the features of other more widely known applications at a fraction of the cost. Compare QVCS to commercial packages costing more than 10 times as much. You'll find that QVCS offers a tremendous value.
With QVCS you can:

  • Store/retrieve file revisions
  • Insert keywords into your source code or binary files for automated documentation and audit trail generation
  • Use a global journal file to keep track of all changes to files in your project(s)
  • Keep track of who changed what, and when they changed it
  • Enter a comment at checkout time
  • Label revisions for a release
  • Restore a project to an earlier labeled release
  • Allow modification access to files on a file by file basis
  • Compare files to earlier revisions or compare revisions to other revisions
  • Create a parallel development branch (branching)
  • Merge edits made to the same revision
  • Create a variety of reports
  • Show at a glance all local files that are different from the latest checked in revision
  • Perform operations at both the individual file level, or at the project level
  • Define named file filters to easily filter the set of files that will get displayed



QVCS / QVCS Pro 3.10.15